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Portable ultra-high pressure hand pumps


  Kaen machinery is specialized in the manufacture and sales of ultra-high pressure hand pumps and hand-operated hydraulic pumps “KAENM”company and well-known manufacturers of ultra-high pressure hand pump cooperation, with reliable quality, durable products, intimate service in the ultra-high pressure hand pump to win the trust of many customers. Complete specifications, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, in particular ultra-high pressure tools for the products above 1000 bar for ultra-high pressure hand pumps, hand-operated ultra-high pressure pumps, “KAENM”company as early as 2008, the first to develop the aluminum ultra-high pressure hand pumps. This is one of the successful products of “KAENM”Kaen machine, many machine manufacturers have to support our ultra-high-pressure hand pump. “KAENM”Kaen machine products include: ultra-high-pressure hand pumps, ultra-high-pressure joints, ultra-high-pressure tubing; Kaen machine product positioning is safe, reliable, practical for the purpose, the handiness and portability of the ultra-high pressure hand pump is a feature of Kaen’s mechanical products,

Product Specifications: 25MPa, 70MPa, 100MPa, 200MPa, 250MPa, 300MPa. 

Consult the sales staff for technical parameters and product configuration.