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Looking ahead to 2022


   During the past two years, the global economy has been severely shrinking due to the impact of the epidemic. The application and role of manual hydraulic pumps in various industries, with the upgrading of industry, more scientific and humane tools and industrial restructuring are needed, no matter each line all in the product upgrade times manual hydraulic pump also more remarkable for the industrial manufacturing equipment industry, energy chemical industry, security and other industries to provide a great role. As a manual hydraulic pump manufacturing and sales enterprises, Xi'an Kaen Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd. and many businesses in all walks of life to establish a good supporting relationship. In Xi'an Kaen Mechanical Equipment Co. , Ltd. Staff and designers continue to work hard, we will also launch a better ultra-high-pressure hand pumps, more durable hand pumps for each customer to provide quality product services, more perfect series of manual hydraulic pump products.