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Why use hydraulic bolt tensioner to pre-tighten Bolts


Because the hydraulic bolt tensioner is the safest, most reliable and repeatable tightening process, it has many advantages over other less accurate tightening methods:

DIRECT: direct application of a tensioner to the expansion of the bolt, without the need to overcome friction or loss.

PRECISION: The applied load can be controlled very precisely because it corresponds directly to the pressure applied to the tensioner.

CALCULATED: load transfer factors can be calculated to help provide the correct residual load.

FAST: Tool operation and greater accuracy reduce the time required to re-tighten the load.

MULTI-FUNCTION: it can double the load of the joint fastener at the same time of drawing. Reliable: Uniform Bolt loads ensure high accuracy by applying consistent forces.

No stress: pure axial, tensile load to ensure that there is no distortion stress.

So the ideal tool for pretightening large bolts is the hydraulic bolt tensioner.